Rumours of a possible close down of schools in the president’s state of the nations address (Check details)




The deadly pandemic is in an existence but students are still in school. Just last two days,two students lost their lives because of the deadly pandemic.This novel pandemic keep spreading in our various institutions.This is causing a massive declination towards the progress of the education in Ghana. Many schools are not adhering to the safety protocols of the deadly pandemic, social distancing is not ensuring in our various schools because most schools are using dual desks instead of the mono to ensure social distancing. This is causing the massive spread of the deadly pandemic. Everyday Ghana record not less than 100 cases, this keep increasing the number of confirmed cases.


As at now Ghana has recorded 7,866 active cases,77,748 confirmed cases 702 new case and 561 deaths.According to the analogy of the deadly pandemic,students should be allowed to go home,schools should be close down now in order to curb the spread of the novel pandemic.According to the information gathered,If the number of the confirmed cases increases,schools must be closed down and now the number keep on increasing daily,so all schools must be closed down to curb the spread of the deadly pandemic because the number of confirmed cases keep on increasing.

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