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courage looks like you

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What is Courage?

Courage does sounds like a person, it sounds like you, it sounds like me. Courage on it own is a motivation, standing your ground for what you believe in is not just a sense of feeling. it is more than that. it takes courage to progress against the hidden forces of this world. To wake up in morning and move along with your daily routine takes courage. Courage is the greatest asset a person will ever have. to be humble takes courage, to be discipline takes courage. To even survive takes courage. I am not writing to motivate you. I am just enlightening your mind to the world out there. To survive this world you need a little touch of luck and a massive courage, be strong and courageous. There are a lot of stories out there that talks about courage. but this one is poet to get you kicking enjoy.

don’t be too bothered
about what anyone says.
intelligence sounds like you,
& pretty does look like you —
(even in times when you feel
a bit differently yourself)
— in a world that screams otherwise.


while you’re at it,
fighting all those (mean) silent battles
you tell no one about,
don’t despair.
don’t you be afraid
brave one,
because courage looks like you too.


Thank your for reading I hope you will keep this words with your as you start your day. Motivate someone today by sharing.

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