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Meet Nana Essel, The Underground Musician Who Defrauded His Girlfriend Of GHC10,000



Per what is circulating on Twitter, Nana Essel took the lady’s GHC10,000 for his video shoot but afterward, dumped her for another lady.

From information spreading, Nana Essel’s girlfriend, Perpetual is a shop keeper and was given GHC10,000 to restock the shop but instead, she gave it to Nana Essel to use it for his video shoot.

According to reports, Nana Essel promised to shoot his music videos with Perpetual and managed to convince her to send him the money to fund his career.

Nana Essel breached the contract after he used another girl believed to be his side chick for the music video and also blocked Perpetual from calling him.

This has left Perpetual going nuts for days as the video of Perpetual crying while trying to reach Nana Essel on phone is steadily spreading online.