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The Fence we build

I laid on the bed one day and was watching the ceiling, a lot of thoughts came to mind but one particular though hit me so hard. What fence I’m building around me, the one that allowed people from all sorts of life or the one that keeps people out. from somewhere, I heard people-built fences to keep people in and others built it to keep people out.  Deep in my mind I knew there is more to this phrase than the phrase depicts. Maybe some also build the fence to hide from the past or maybe to protect what he has gain or maybe to keep himself/ herself from hurting the loved one. We all have a fence to build, a fence to complete or maybe a fence to maintain. We build walls in our heart and in our mind for a peculiar reason. Those fences sometime keep us from achieving our goals, it put us in a potential zone. We got stuck in a loop that runs forever, sometimes the very enthusiastic feeling we need is in the fence we built. What fence are you building I asked myself every day?


The fence to keep people out Is so interesting, to you is a choice but to others is aimless, to you is for the good, to others is a question. To you is safe, to other is coward. Some may shut their hearts to the world because of the past, some also may open up their heart for the same reason, is funny how life operates. It hits you hard on the mind and free some minds. It takes things from you and gives to others; it saves you and destroy others. like the shepherd I stays far away with the sheep, I find my pleasure in rearing, I stay away to keep people behind the wall, behind the fence I lock my emotions. The feelings of the past, I chose to ignore the knocks and reluctantly, I lock myself. The past broke people and it makes some, Strong. we lock the affection in the dungeon and the love we seal it in a gem box and place it in the deep where the sunshine can’t reach. Is for the best we say. What happens when the key walks to our life?


The fence to keep people in, is an amazing feeling, with so many people interconnecting, sharing ideas and much love. I have a ton of friends who I hang out with, oh my social circle is quite big. There is a saying; humans are sweet but we don’t eat them.  Is a choice to let the entire world in. like the church my gate is open to all walks of life. I see the beauty at a close range. There isn’t much to say about this. Because there isn’t much in the world that posses this. Is true. Maybe a man thinks they have a lot of people but loyally they have none. The love they share they receive few, the affection they give in return is worrying. They have so much capacity for goodness but in the end the very people that was allowed in will shut the fence gate close. Maybe am wrong, those friends will stay in forever with you.

No matter the fence we built, at the end all we have is ourselves. Our memories, our adventures, our stories. No matter how many the stories will contain, is you that remembers the story. Like time I have live this world since the beginning, have associate with a lot have open the fence and have close the fence but one thing remains constant; The builder. What you chose to build like I said has an effect on the world around and beyond you. Choices are not only you is the people too.

So, I asked again

What Fence are you building?

I asked, what will happened when the key walks to our life while the heart is in so much locks?

You can leave a comment with your answer here.